Checklist for Buyer or Investor to Buy plot in Hyderabad, Telangana

Hyderabad is the happening city for every realtor in India for its growth potential. 


The existing business ecosystem and emerging start up culture has made Hyderabad one of the premium destinations for investors. There is  tremendous positive effect on the real estate sector due to increasing investments.

Living Index 

 Hyderabad is competing in every aspect with other metropolitan city with low cost of living stands 24th in ease living index  and quality of living for less income groups.

The connectivity with existing outer ring road, strategic road development for signal free junction inside Hyderabad along with proposed regional ring road obtaining national high status is adding to the growth of reality sector in spite of covid situations. In recent times Hyderabad has become hub for medical tourism with hospitals having state of the art facilities.

These factors creating interest in the minds of investors to purchase property in Hyderabad. The essential part of the buying process is checking the documentation which is a complex process due to the existence of different acts related to lands title and its transactions. Document audit must be done before making any payment to the seller with experienced legal expert. Once you get the legal clearance that will be the starting point for initiating any financial transaction.  Strong ownership rights are most fundamental to a property. The main document check list for purchase of plot are:

When you are purchasing it from individual buyer

  1. Sale Deed
  2. Encumbrance Certificate of the taken by using document number
  3. Link documents for the last 30 years
  4. Copies of the sale deeds of the earlier registration made from one buyer to the another.
  5. Officially taking market value certificate by applying online from the respective sub-registrar office.
  6. LRS Proceedings of the Plot if applied or fully paid.
  7. Land measurement documents and pledged land if any to the bank or lender
  8. Urban land and ceiling and regulation certificate
  9. Check land is under Development agreement i.e. Joint development or Direct development by company that is title in the name of company buyer has to go through the conditions between developer i.e. builder and land owner in case of flat or plot from builder which shows the details of the terms and conditions on which the builder has been granted permission to develop the property. This document demonstrates wherein the landowner engages a builder or a real estate developer and which is further accompanied by a power of attorney to the developer

Along with above documents when it comes to the HMDA or DTCP Plots buyer has to verify the approvals of HMDA or DTCP authority. The layout should contain particularly layout permit number and possibility of getting final approval for the layout based on the past record of the company and land title has to be analyzed clearly before going for any transaction.  

Note : Above list is not exhaustive list as plots transactions and titles are governed by complex acts of the government always advises go for legal opinion always which costs very negligible amount compared to the total value of the property don’t regret after …always prevention of litigation is better……

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