Why You Should Invest in Real Estate Hyderabad

The real estate industry in Hyderabad is witnessing steady growth over the years. In the future, a number of factors will collectively make the city even better as a real estate investment destination. When Mr. Ramachandra Reddy, the chairman of CREDAI, said “Telangana is having robust growth in real estate.”, he meant it. 

The housing prices in the city are consistently increasing over the years. The demand for land and other real estate properties is also on the rise. 

Why Hyderabad?

Hyderabad has all it takes to support its booming real estate industry, and facilities are improving each day. Here are some factors that make Hyderabad a perfect real estate investment destination. 

An incredible Infrastructure:

Hyderabad has one of the best infrastructures among all major Indian cities. The city has sufficient transportation facilities in terms of road, railway, and air. 

A number of roads, including National highways, run across Hyderabad, connecting various parts of the city. The outer ring road, which was opened in 2012, transformed the city’s infrastructure. As a result, the real estate industry of Hyderabad witnessed remarkable growth. 

As the government is planning to further improve the city’s road connectivity, it’ll benefit the real estate industry.

The Rajiv Gandhi International Airport connects Hyderabad with other major cities in India and around the world. The airport is well known for its facilities and connectivity. (

Besides various railway stations that connect the city with the rest of India, Hyderabad also has the second-largest metro network in India. Several suburban railway lines provide connectivity between important places  in and around the city. 

Infrastructure plays a significant role in the real estate industry. As the city is determined to improve its already good infrastructure, the future of the real estate industry looks brighter.

Employment opportunities and a rising middle class: 

Hyderabad is known as the tech city of India. As the name suggests, Hyderabad is the second-largest ‘IT’ exporter in India, after Bangalore. Major global tech and non-tech companies, including Google, Apple, and Microsoft, have offices in the city. Also, Almost every major Indian company has its offices in Hyderabad. 

Through these companies, the city provides employment to millions, and subsequently, there is a constant rise of the middle class. Over the years, the demand for houses and apartments has also increased. As more companies are planning to enter the city, it will result in

  • Higher-income level
  • Larger middle-class base
  • A stronger middle-class base

As a result, the demand for houses, apartments, office buildings, and other properties will further increase considerably. 

Hyderabad is super affordable:

Compared to other metropolitan cities in the country, Hyderabad has a significantly lower living expense. This motivates more middle-class and lower-middle-class families to move to the city. 

With more and more people moving to the city, it’s also witnessing a consistent increase in housing prices. As of 2021, Hyderabad has one of the highest housing price growth in the country, at 6% per annum. 

The cultural importance of Hyderabad

After almost two years of shutdown in fear of coronavirus, the world is getting back to business. The tourism industry, which faced the most severe impact, is beginning to revive. (Remove the line if you don’t want the article on this covid19 background) 

Hyderabad is a city of great cultural importance. There are a number of monuments and other tourist attractions in and around the city. Tourist spots like the Charminar, Golconda Fort, and Ramoji film city attract lakhs of tourists every year. 

Hyderabad is also famous for its incredible recipe(Hyderabadi biryani is a brand itself!), diverse culture, and rich heritage. 

As of 2019, before the pandemic, more than 3 lakh foreigners visited the city. And what is more interesting is that the number was way less than one lakh in 2014. That shows how fast tourism is growing in the city. A growing tourism sector implies increasing scope for resorts, hotels, and other properties related to the hospitality industry. 

Supportive schemes:

More than ever before, governments are providing support to the real estate industry. The central government scheme to provide housing to all will bring great opportunities for real estate investment. The state government also has introduced several schemes that will, directly or indirectly, benefit real estate investors. That includes the plan to develop several special economic zones across the state, most of them located in and around Hyderabad

Governments and Local administrative bodies are focusing on improving the city’s facilities- Infrastructure and livability. 

The GHMC is dedicatedly working to improve the water supply and waste management system in the city. Hyderabad is about to get a reliable water supply through various schemes. That includes direct pipeline water connection from rivers Godavari and Krishna and rainwater harvesting systems across the city. 

As a recognition of these efforts, the Hyderabad metropolitan water supply and sewerage board won the award of excellence from the ministry of Jal Sakti.  

Growing suburbs. 

Along with the central business Districts, several business and residential zones are growing around the city. These suburbs offer even bigger real estate investment opportunities. Here are some emerging places in and around Hyderabad suitable for real estate investment. 

  • Kondapur: Located on the Western border of Hyderabad, this suburban region is growing rapidly. Kondapur is a preferred location for villas, flats, and other types of residential buildings. 
  • Narsengi: Narsingi is located just 20km away from the central District. Located near Gandipet lake, it’s considered one of the best residential areas in the city. 
  • Tellapur: A rising satellite town of Hyderabad, Tellapur is located near the IT hub of the city. Offices of major Tech firms are located nearby and are preferred for residents by most techies. 
  • Bachupally: It’s a hub for educational institutions and businesses, with great growth potential. 

There are several other regions around the city, which are witnessing a faster transformation. 

Hyderabad is also one of the fastest-growing cities in the world. According to a study by Oxford University in 2020, Hyderabad was ranked third in the world in terms of GDP growth rate!.

Looking forward, the real estate industry has great potential in Hyderabad. With an emerging middle class, supportive governments, and developing suburbs, the future of real estate looks bright in Hyderabad.  Also, the city is at a relatively lower risk of several natural disasters like earthquakes, floods, and drought, thanks to its geographical location. And that makes real estate investment much safer in Hyderabad. 

 As a low-risk, high-return business, real estate is where you should invest in Hyderabad. 

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